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How To Become An Affiliate

① Register A Member Account → ② Receive A Dedicated Link Through Email → ③ Start Promoting The Link → ④ Monthly Commission Settlement

Affiliate Registration:

Kindly proceed to register a member account and inform our customer support agent about your intention to become an affiliate. You are required to submit complete valid personal information (Name, Mobile Number, Email Address) upon registration in order to avoid any delay during commission settlement.

During the application process, our sales agent will assist in account opening by providing you with a dedicated link for business marketing purposes. Any enquiries can be directed to our sales agent at any time.

Affiliate's Advantages:

supreme is a reputable and established online gaming company which provides the most comprehensive casino products in the industry. We are dedicated to provide our affiliate the best product solutions and commission scheme.

The Top 8 Unressistable Reasons To Join Us!

1. Monthly commission as high as 45%, becoming a millionaire is not a dream;
2. No risk but with high return on investment portfolio, commission is paid accurately every month;
3. An assortments of promotions specially tailored to all your members' preferences;
4. Backed by strong financial background, we provide fast approval on member's withdrawal with no limit capping;
5. Excellent reputation in the market after years of operation;
6. We posses legitimate casino licences from government to conduct sportsbook and casino operating businesses;
7. After years of investment in publicity, affiliate may ride on the tide to reap the branding benefits from us;
8. Complete backend system for affiliate to check on members' betting information, it is very transparent.
Don’t miss this golden opportunity! Join us now and change your life forever!

Commission Settlement

During month end commission settlement, any payable commission to affiliate will be automatically credited into affiliate's member account on subsequent month.

Affiliate may withdraw the commission in cash after settlement by contacting our customer support agent.

The member account for which the application is to be bound must be an official direct line and not allowed under other agents.

In order to secure your commission, the withdrawal information and the membership data provided for binding must be consistent with the affiliate's bank data.

All accounts from new and existing affiliates will be settled on monthly basis, this is to ensure a seamless process of account settlement procedures.

After the monthly settlement has been done, the commission will be automatically credited into your registered account. Affiliate may choose to withdraw it directly without any turnover requirement.

We offer you the most competetive commission scheme in the industry

Monthly Profits (RM) Monthly Active Members Monthly Commission %
Live Games Slots Sportsbook Lottery
1–50,000 5or more 25% 25% 25% 0.1%
50,001500,000 10 or more 30% 30% 30% 0.1%
500,001800,000 30 or more 35% 35% 35% 0.1%
800,0011,000,000 50 or more 40% 40% 40% 0.1%
1,000,001 or more 100 or more 45% 45% 45% 0.1%
( The minimum payable commission is RM 500. In the event commission payable is less than RM 500, this amount will be accumulated into next month period.)

Commission Scheme Calculation


The monthly profit of the affiliate is RM200,001 but the monthly active member is only 5. Although the affiliate has achieved a profit of RM200,001 but the active members does not reach the minimum treshold of 10, therefore the commission payable has dropped to the first tier (counted under 5 active members tier).

Live Games :25%
Slots :25%
Lottery :0.1%

The affiliate has 12 active members for the particular month. The winnings from respective platform is as such: Live Games RM300,000 / Sportsbook RM-120,000 / Slots RM20,000 / Lottery RM800,000 (turnover), therefore the commission payable after deducting relevant fees of RM14,000 is as such:

Commission Payable Calculation:

(Total profit is RM200,000 and the commission rate is at 30%)
(RM200,000 profit - RM14,000 fees + RM800,000 lottery turnover x 0.1%)x 30% = RM56,040 commission

* Commission payable is depending on the profits generated from repective game types

* In the event of negative returns (make loss), the negative amount shall be brought forward into next month until the total over RM500.

Banking fees, Promotion Costs, Member's Rolling Commission & relevant expenses are part of the deduction from commission payable to the affiliate.

The deduction fees cover the following areas:

i. Banking Fees: Deposit Bonus and Withdrawal Fees
ii. Rolling Commission and Bonus from all platforms

1. Commission will be computed on the last trading day of the month and will be credited into affiliate's account within five working days.
2. Members login into the system using the same IP address will have their rolling commission and bonus forfeited, other additional treatments under such case is as below. If a member is caught registering multiple accounts, the account will be permanantly barred and all winnings shall be forfeited without any advance notification.
3. The commission payable to affiliate does not include the earnings generated by barred members.
4. Please be reminded that any dishonest methods relating to the scam of commission will result in permanent barring of affiliate account and forfeiture of the commission payable.
5. Affiliate may contact our Affiliate Department to request for any specific promotional materials in aiding the marketing efforts.